Features List

Build and Manage High Quality Lists

  List sign-up form

  EZ list support

  Automatic subscribe / Unsubscribe management

  Comply with CAN-SPAM with automated opt-in/out management

  Manipulation and segmentation of customer information

  Easily changeable “From” email addresses, and ability to include
  separate “Reply To” addresses

  Multiple sign-up forms to easily set up, launch and manage
  various lead capture and list growth forms

  Insert multiple mail merges

Send and Track Email

  Analyze campaign results with in-depth reporting and tracking

  Target emails based on interest, demographics or custom
  questions with advanced filtering options

  Personalize each email automatically

  Get a preview email prior to distribution

  Schedule release date and time with automated triggers

  Track and flag invalid email addresses automatically

  Export list information

  Get live tracking reports

  Easy integration with Google Analytics

  Ensure email deliverability with a private IP address

  Only communicate with the people you want to with list

Advanced Features include

  Multiple lists for database with custom fields for each database

  Supports multiple account users

  Advanced API Integration (REST)

  API developer list for customer needing help utilizing the API

  Tagging capabilities to organize blasts and messages

  Data-base triggered automated messages (also called Auto

  A/B split email testing capabilities (classic version)

  UTF-8 character support allows you to send messages in all

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